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BUENA PARK, Calif. (KTLA) — Police in Orange County are searching for some smash-and-grab burglars responsible for a rash of recent break-ins.

smash-picThe most recent burglaries happened around 9:45 p.m. Tuesday at a strip mall on Orangethorpe Avenue in Buena Park.

That’s where thieves smashed the windows of a barber shop and a dental office.

A television was taken from one of the businesses, along with various other items, according to police.

The break-ins happened just hours after three businesses were targeted at the Brickyard Shopping Center in the 1600 block of Lincoln Avenue in Orange.

Police say that two beauty supply stores, including a wig shop, and another dental office were targeted around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

Thousands of dollars worth of wigs were taken from Jin’s Wig and Salon, and computer equipment worth thousands was taken from Cosmo Prof Salon Center.

The estimated value of the items taken from…

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PERRIS, Calif. (KTLA) — A Camp Pendleton Marine who plummeted to his death Tuesday afternoon during a parachuting training exercise in Perris was identified Wednesday as Caleb Medley, 26, of Burlington, Colo., according to the Riverside County coroner’s office.

Officials are still investigating why the Marine’s parachute failed to open during a training exercise, ultimately leading to his death.

skydiver-downIt all happened on Tuesday near Perris Valley Airport.

Firefighters responded to a report of a hurt skydiver near 2000 Goetz Road around 3 p.m. When they arrived, they found the man dead at the scene.

Sheriff’s officials say the victim was a Camp Pendleton Marine who was participating in a training exercise at the time of the accident.

The skydiver was among a group of Marines training at the location, but officials said no other skydiver was involved in the accident.

Eric Kazakoff, CEO of Western…

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(CNN) — “Argo,” praise yourself. That’s what Hollywood did on Sunday night, anyway.

argo-wins-pic“Argo,” which told the story of the rescue operation that saved six Americans during the Iran hostage crisis, took home three Oscars at the 85th Academy Awards, including the biggest award of the night: best picture.

It was both an expected and yet unlikely conclusion to an awards season that took off in strange directions, though it ended up pretty much where the Oscar prognosticators thought it would.

Director Ben Affleck, who co-produced the film with George Clooney and Grant Heslov, acknowledged the strangeness of the process in his acceptance speech.

Back in early January, “Argo” was considered an Oscar also-ran, if only because Affleck was overlooked in the best director category.

In the entire history of the Oscars, just three films had won best picture without a directing nomination, and just one, “Driving Miss Daisy,” in…

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LONG BEACH (KTLA) — An investigation is underway in Long Beach after police shot and killed a car theft suspect they say shot at them at the end of a pursuit.

lb-ois-picIt all began around 1 a.m., with a CHP pursuit on the southbound 405 Freeway of a BMW that had been stolen in a residential burglary in Redondo Beach.

The suspect exited the freeway at Studebaker, and officers lost the vehicle, according to Marlene Arrona, of the Long Beach Police Department.

Long Beach police then located the vehicle and the chase began again, Arrona said.

The pursuit came to an end when the driver crashed into a vacant residential home in the 6400 block of Keynote Street.

“The suspect pointed a handgun at the officers, shot at the officers, and an officer-involved shooting occurred,” Arrona said.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. He has not been identified.

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LOS ANGELES — Police say that a body discovered inside a rooftop water tank at the Cecil Hotel is that of a missing Canadian tourist Elisa Lam.

Guests at the hotel in downtown Los Angeles had complained about weak water pressure, and at least one said there was flooding in a fourth-floor room.

Those complaints led a hotel maintenance worker on Tuesday to check on a large tank on the roof, where he found the body of a woman in her 20s at the bottom.

Authorities said late Tuesday that the body was that of Lam, 21, of Vancouver, Canada, who was last seen at the hotel on Jan. 31.

Police have provided few details about how the body might have ended up in the tank.

“We’re not ruling out foul play,” said LAPD Sgt. Rudy Lopez, noting that the location of the remains “makes it suspicious.”

A cause of death…

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February 24, 1998|By Bob Greene.

MILWAUKEE` — `When (the 11-year-old boy) let (his 7-year-old sister) out of the (small plastic container), mom called (the girl) a pig for (urinating) all over, and sprayed (the girl) with water. Mom decided to take the kids to the store. Mom intended to buy medications at the store. (The 11-year-old boy) informed me that (his mother) was going to use the medication to make (the girl) tired, so she could put (the girl) back in the (plastic container).

“(The boy) stated that (the little girl) got sick in the car on the way to the store. (He) said when (his sister) got sick mom got mad and smacked (the little girl) in the head. He advised that mom did not get the medication. . . . (He) added that mom has continued to put (the girl) in the cage. . . .”

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O.C. Shooting Spree: Suspect Kills 3, Commits Suicide


VILLA PARK, Calif. — Investigators have released the name of the first of three victims shot and killed by a gunman in Orange County Tuesday morning.

20-year-old Courtney Aoki of Buena Park was the first victim of the shooting rampage. Her relationship with the shooter is still unknown.

courtneyaoki692Police say 20-year-old Ali Syed, a college student, committed the three murders and wounded three others before taking his own life in 75 minutes of terror.

Detectives say he began his rampage in Ladera Ranch, where he murdered Aoki inside his parents’ home.

Syed then drove to Tustin, Santa Ana and back to Tustin, carjacking three vehicles, killing two more victims and shooting at morning commuters on the 55 Freeway.

Then, with the California Highway Patrol in pursuit, Syed pulled off in Villa Park, aimed the shotgun at his own head, and pulled the trigger.

Authorities were stunned by what they described…

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