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February 24, 1998|By Bob Greene.

MILWAUKEE` — `When (the 11-year-old boy) let (his 7-year-old sister) out of the (small plastic container), mom called (the girl) a pig for (urinating) all over, and sprayed (the girl) with water. Mom decided to take the kids to the store. Mom intended to buy medications at the store. (The 11-year-old boy) informed me that (his mother) was going to use the medication to make (the girl) tired, so she could put (the girl) back in the (plastic container).

“(The boy) stated that (the little girl) got sick in the car on the way to the store. (He) said when (his sister) got sick mom got mad and smacked (the little girl) in the head. He advised that mom did not get the medication. . . . (He) added that mom has continued to put (the girl) in the cage. . . .”